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» GPS Nuvi 200.

 DescriptionGet a new wonderful driving experience and save your money with Nuvi 200W! Like all other nuvi devices, this navigator has a very friendly and easy interface.

Your personal travel assistant comes with a large and colorful touch-screen display and preloaded maps for the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

If you’re interested in more mapping options, check out the Nuvi 250W for the whole set of maps for North America or the Nuvi 270, the transatlantic edition with preloaded maps for two continents.

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» Garmin's navigator 265WT.

265WT. DescriptionExtensive features and a brilliant widescreen display await you in this inexpensive and easy-to-use navigator GPS Nuvi 265W.

A successful update of Nuvi 265T, the device comes with preloaded City Navigator® NT street maps, hands-free calling and lifetime traffic to make your driving as pleasant as possible.

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» The Garmin 260 GPS navigator is a new invention

Garmin 260Some time ago we couldn’t even dream of such benefits, as all we were suggested was just an options package for a large sum of money. Now the users are provided with a number of package offers, including  the Garmin nuvi 260 GPS navigator. It comprises Suction cup mount, Charger Cable, cradle and user instruction.
It has the same 2”x 2.5” screen with the equal features as the upgraded versions. Besides, such features as quick road calculating and the menu, which is easy to operate, make this navigater the favourite among all the others.

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Auto Buff Guy (Navigator Garmin …): When I was looking for a GPS navigator, I had family travels and business purposes in mind. After som…

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About "Tritons" and not only . Part 2

Vector maps

Friday 28 October 2011 at 11:35 am.
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navigator magellan GPS vector mapMany people know that maps for GPS-navigators can be vector and raster, but not everyone can explain how they differ.
A vector map can be observed only in navigator or computer screen. Actually it is just object list of terrain with coordinates. For example, a bus stop is a point with coordinates and an icon with bus, road is a line with coordinates of every it’s bend, wood is a list of coordinates of the line contouring a large forest called polygon.

This map looks angularly enough, but it is possible to change its scale in very wide limits. Big cities and main highways are shown only in a small scale, quarters, streets with titles and houses with numbers appear at scale increasing.

The main advantage of vector maps is that it is very easy to find necessary street, house with number, shop with a title in it. This function is called «Address search». As a rule, not only roads and streets coordinates are stored in this map, but also titles, character of covering, an amount of strips, speed which is possible to go with on them, and also restrictions for types of transport, one-way traffic and many other useful parameters. Using this map, program of the navigator can find and lay out the shortest or fastest route to any selected place (automatic routing).

 vector map navigator program coordinate magellan

Naturally, a road can be digged over, journey can be closed, "brick"on entrance can be hung up and the program can lead you up to a blind alley. But it can be understood. Though map developers try to import actual information permanently to the map, but they cannot provide everything. Therefore to trust blindly even to the best and advanced map is not necessary.

Vector maps in navigation have other disadvantages. Each company makes a map in its own way and stores it in its own type. Therefore Magellan map updates does not approach for Garmin. More over a company keeps format description in which their maps are stored in the strict secret and doesn’t sell programs which they use for making them to anybody.

Buying a navigator of certain type, you become a captive of one maps vendor for ever and, more often, have no possibility to correct or add this card, and of course you can’t draw your own map. Often it is necessary to choose a map at first, and then a navigator which is able to work with it.
Fortunately, there are some masters who have already opened formats of majority of popular maps and wrote programs for editing them. By means of almost free program GPS MapEdit it is possible to create maps for Garmin and Magellan navigators. But this work is difficult, long and laborious, and not everyone ventures to do such feat.

List of objects which can be displayed in a vector map is not infinite too, and every vendor of maps selects maps that will be necessary to its potential buyer. Therefore in the majority of maps a wide variety of tags for drinkable and entertaining places, shops and petrol stations are provided, but to distinguish a spring from a well or a water column will not be possible for you. At the best there will be a general-purpose tag «a water source», but it also can be not provided.

It seems that a little group of fans to wander with backpacks in mountains and woods is not taken into account by maps vendors. In the majority of vector maps these places usually look as America before Columbus. Moreover, such object as «rocky reset» is not provided in any of existing navigators, and without it even the most detailed tourist map of Crimea becomes absolutely useless and even dangerous. I do not speak any more about Caucasus where there are such things like a bergschrund and rantkluft and the mountain rivers with sheevers and spillways pretty often.

Therefore real tourists walk with paper topographic maps and use navigator as a clever compass which shows distance and a direction to any selected point. They love «yellow eTrex» thing eternally produced by Garmin and old Magellan triton gps because of this.

It is possible to draw everything on a paper and people represent everything that is on terrain in paper maps for more than 100 years. Not only things considered to be necessary for a publisher are represented in real topographic map, but all things that are provided by strict state standard.

And if there is a lake or a bog in a dense thicket it should be in a map even if it is impossible to get there and a normal sane person never gets there. Tourists, hunters and foresters, fishers, geologists, ecologists and, naturally, military men use such maps.

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