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» GPS Nuvi 200.

 DescriptionGet a new wonderful driving experience and save your money with Nuvi 200W! Like all other nuvi devices, this navigator has a very friendly and easy interface.

Your personal travel assistant comes with a large and colorful touch-screen display and preloaded maps for the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

If you’re interested in more mapping options, check out the Nuvi 250W for the whole set of maps for North America or the Nuvi 270, the transatlantic edition with preloaded maps for two continents.

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» Garmin's navigator 265WT.

265WT. DescriptionExtensive features and a brilliant widescreen display await you in this inexpensive and easy-to-use navigator GPS Nuvi 265W.

A successful update of Nuvi 265T, the device comes with preloaded City Navigator® NT street maps, hands-free calling and lifetime traffic to make your driving as pleasant as possible.

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» The Garmin 260 GPS navigator is a new invention

Garmin 260Some time ago we couldn’t even dream of such benefits, as all we were suggested was just an options package for a large sum of money. Now the users are provided with a number of package offers, including  the Garmin nuvi 260 GPS navigator. It comprises Suction cup mount, Charger Cable, cradle and user instruction.
It has the same 2”x 2.5” screen with the equal features as the upgraded versions. Besides, such features as quick road calculating and the menu, which is easy to operate, make this navigater the favourite among all the others.

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Auto Buff Guy (Navigator Garmin …): When I was looking for a GPS navigator, I had family travels and business purposes in mind. After som…

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Navigator Nuvi 260W. Description

Tuesday 20 September 2011 at 12:15 pm.
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Navigator Nuvi 260W. DescriptionTravel fast and easily with one of the coolest GPS navigators, Garmin nuvi 260W.

This widescreen device sells at a reasonable price, is very easy to use and also speaks out street names while you are driving.

It takes just a couple of taps on the screen to operate this navigator.

Easy to Navigate
Just take your nuvi 260W out of the box, and get in the car. It has preloaded City Navigator NT maps with a large point of interest database which includes restaurants, hotels, fuel stations, ATMs and other important sites. With the text-to-speech feature on your GPS will say street names out loud and you’ll never have to worry about where you are and take your eyes off the road. Choose your destination, follow the route, listen to voice directions and check with the 2-D or 3-D map if necessary. You can mark custom points of interest, such as school zones or safety cameras, and your nuvi 260W will inform you about them in advance.

Easy to Carry
The design of Garmin nuvi 260W is slim and sleek, just like with other nuvi devices, and this navigator GPS slides perfectly into your pocket or purse. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you easily travel with this device, either by car or on foot.

More Than Navigation

For Garmin nuvi 260W navigation is obviously the primary function, but this device is much more special than that. You can check any time zone, view JPEG pictures, convert currency and measures, use a calculator and much more. The device has a Garmin Lock™ feature which helps protect it from being stolen. Garmin Garage allows you to download custom vehicles to show where you are on the map. Garmin nuvi 260W also has a SD-card slot available so that you could use different add-ons, for example Garmin Travel Guides to learn more about the place you are.

Inside the Box
When you open the box, you’ll see there the navigator GPS itself with pre-loaded maps for North America, a manual, a vehicle suction cup mount, a vehicle power cable and a dashboard disk.
The devices of the nuvi series also have NAVTEQ maps preloaded with numerous points of interest.


  • Screen: Widescreen, touch sensitive, size – 4,3’’, resolution - 480x272 pixels.
  • Maps:Preinstalled, with NAVTEQ as the vendor. Base map for North America

Note: No Bluetooth available
First released on 10 January 2008.

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 The Garmin nuvi 260 GPS navigator is a new invention  The Garmin nuvi 260 GPS navigator is a new invention in the world of portable gps navigation...

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One comment

Auto Buff Guy

When I was looking for a GPS navigator, I had family travels and business purposes in mind. After some research with Magellan, Mio and Tom-Tom I chose the GARMIN nuvi 260W. The reasons were several: the device is amazingly accurate, its screen is very clear and, on top of that, it’s very easy to use. In case you are wondering, I have no affiliation with the Garmin company itself despite the place where I live. My job is related to architecture. Obviously, I’ve already come across GPS navigators while riding in a car with business partners, travelling with friends or just renting a car. That is to say, I already had some idea about how an Auto GPS worked. I found the device very helpful since every time it would let me reach my destination quite easily and also save me a lot of time. Of course, I could have bought any of the devices I’d already worked with. But I need things to be perfect, and this is why I decided to do some research and choose the very best GPS navigator. I’d also come across a Garmin device with a text-to-speech feature and I knew that for me it was a must. So this is why I particularly emphasized this point when choosing my future navigator GPS. If you haven’t had the chance to see what text-to-speech is like – just take my word for it, this is an absolute must for any Auto GPS. You’ll probably be driving around city streets most of the time – just imagine a non text-to-speech unit telling you to turn right 500 meters later. You drive those 500 meters and find out that there are more than one right turns – you have nothing left to do but guess! Text-to-speech will save you a lot of trouble. Anyway, what I was looking for was a wide screen Auto GPS at a reasonable price. The GARMIN nuvi 260W 4.3-inch was just what I needed. I also decided not to wait and paid the full price – had I waited at least 3 months, I would have got it 20% cheaper, since GPS navigators drop in their prices quite fast. I never felt sorry about it. Let me give you an example of what the GARMIN nuvi 260W is like. My house is situated at the end of a blind alley, the road next to it bears the same name. When I use my GPS to get to my driveway it never fails to give me correct directions. Moreover, it is so accurate that if I get into another driveway, 5 meters from mine, my Auto GPS will point out the mistake. The screen of the device is clear and refreshes very fast. It’s amazingly simple to use the GARMIN nuvi 260W – I didn’t have to read the manual once. I also got new voices for my GPS navigator, the Garmin website is very user-friendly. By the way, a piece of advice: before you buy any Auto GPS, try it out while wearing polarized sunglasses on. You’ll see that many screens will have distorted colors or just look blank. Some devices may have horizontal lines appearing on the screen. The GARMIN nuvi 260W has no such problems – I’ve used it with polarized sunglasses on and it still looks fine. I couldn’t say anything against the POI depth – I haven’t used this feature too much but it looks quite good. The new maps seem to be very accurate as well, I’ve yet to drive down an unmarked road. Obviously, the GARMIN nuvi 260W has certain disadvantages, for example the connection time. Sometimes it takes up to a minute but once it does locate a satellite, the signal is so strong that I can use the GPS navigator on my laps if I’m in the passenger seat. It’s quite impressive too since there’s no external antenna. I was also sorry to see that there weren’t too many voices available for the text-to-speech function but I hope that the company adds a couple more very soon. I also wish they would include some kind of a case for this Auto GPS, after all it doesn’t cost that little. Overall, I was impressed indeed by the GARMIN nuvi 260W. The large screen (4,3 inches) is also very helpful if you don’t want to squint at the map or if you just have fat fingers. This device will certainly be welcomed by all travelers.

Auto Buff Guy (URL) - 20-09-’11 12:45

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