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About GPS

» GPS Nuvi 200.

 DescriptionGet a new wonderful driving experience and save your money with Nuvi 200W! Like all other nuvi devices, this navigator has a very friendly and easy interface.

Your personal travel assistant comes with a large and colorful touch-screen display and preloaded maps for the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

If you’re interested in more mapping options, check out the Nuvi 250W for the whole set of maps for North America or the Nuvi 270, the transatlantic edition with preloaded maps for two continents.

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» Garmin's navigator 265WT.

265WT. DescriptionExtensive features and a brilliant widescreen display await you in this inexpensive and easy-to-use navigator GPS Nuvi 265W.

A successful update of Nuvi 265T, the device comes with preloaded City Navigator® NT street maps, hands-free calling and lifetime traffic to make your driving as pleasant as possible.

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» The Garmin 260 GPS navigator is a new invention

Garmin 260Some time ago we couldn’t even dream of such benefits, as all we were suggested was just an options package for a large sum of money. Now the users are provided with a number of package offers, including  the Garmin nuvi 260 GPS navigator. It comprises Suction cup mount, Charger Cable, cradle and user instruction.
It has the same 2”x 2.5” screen with the equal features as the upgraded versions. Besides, such features as quick road calculating and the menu, which is easy to operate, make this navigater the favourite among all the others.

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Auto Buff Guy (Navigator Garmin …): When I was looking for a GPS navigator, I had family travels and business purposes in mind. After som…

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Review of navigators Nuvi 200 series from GARMIN

We present new series of GPS-navigators - Garmin 200!

Tuesday 20 September 2011 at 5:50 pm.
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Review of navigators Garmin 200This model is a budget version of GARMIN car navigators. This GPS is provided only with navigation functions and simplified menu.
There are several series in the market today: nuvi 200/ 250/ 270.
The difference between these series consists only in the cards downloaded in them. In Garmin 200 one can use just a base map of the world, in nuvi 250 – the detailed Europe map, except Russia, 270 – the detailed America and Europe map.

Garmin nuvi 200 series technical characteristics:

  • GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - Garmin 200- GPS-receiver with  high sensitivity;
  •   Screen size is 7,2 х 5,4 cm, resolution of 320 х 240 pixel, diagonal of 3,5 inches , TFT, QVGA
  •  GPS weight: 147,4 gr;
  •  Overall dimensions of GPS: 9,7 х 7,1 х 2 cm;
  •  USB-interface;
  •  SD-slot;
  •  No-break power by means of the Li-On accumulator, the average period of GPS work is 5 hours;
  •  GARMIN LOCK function (i. e. interlocking feature);

 It is supplied with the following road set functions: currency counter, world time, picture viewing, etc.

 navigator set.

 navigator set.

Nuvi 200 navigator set.
GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200. One of the nuvi models navigator – 200/250/270;

  •  Succer mounts;
  •  Dashboard  disk, used for attaching a Garmin suction cup mount;
  •  Cable for navigator charging from the cigarette lighter;
  •  User instruction.

USB Cable and the portable case are not included into the GARMIN Nuvi 200 set.

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

How does the navigator look?
There are proper changes in the GARMIN nuvi 200-series design. GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200These changes can be traced in the navigator edges, which now have a streamline shape. Moreover, the flip-up antenna is installed directly into the case. 

Nuvi 200 navigator

The mentioned changes add a lot to the convenience of the navigator usage in the car.

Nuvi 200 navigator

The existing mini USB-connector, aimed for the GPS-navigator supply and information interchange with the PC.
There are also slight changes in the mounts of the nuvi 200-series navigators. They are mainly connected with the GPS design peculiarities of this version. Now nuvi 200 is totally enveloped by the mount cradle from above and below, easing both mounting and demounting processes of the GPS navigator

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

The display. How does it look like?
GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200The first plus consists in the fact that it is  touch-sensitive! A bright interface is the second plus.
Carrying out the comparative analysis for revealing the brightness level of  nuvi displays, it is necessary to note, the first place  deservedly takes the most expensive of all nuvi navigators 600/610/650.  But other than that, nuvi 200 series display has the same brightness level as nuvi 310/360 GPS navigators, besides, their dimensions are the same.

Nuvi 200 navigator

Nuvi 200 – fix and forget!

GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200.There is no difficulty in fixing the unit on the windshield of your car. In the first place, you need to fix the sucker to the windshield. In order to strengthen the sucker mounting it is necessary additionally press it with the appropriate rod, used for this purpose.

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

The next step is to insert the navigator power cable into the cigarette lighter and  then GPS itself should be connected.

navigator set.

GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200After you have done all the above things, you should fix the cradle on the mount and insert into it the navigator. You are free now! Your GPS is ready for operation. You’ve done it! Just don’t forget to switch it on !

navigator set.

Garmin nuvi 200 menu and mapping.
First of all, we should make the comparative analysis of the GPS map and menu for nuvi 200.
First, like the navigator itself, menu buttons and frames have become more streamlined.

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

Second, interface icons are bigger now, what makes the navigator much more convenient for the usage in the car. Now you can easily avoid any wrong move! (look at the main menus  of nuvi 200 and nuvi 300 versions)


GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200Main merits:

  • Easy-to-operate;
  •  The antenna is not of flip-up type (it is inserted), GPS chip set  is highly sensitive;
  •  Bigger icons and very convenient menu;
  •  Renewed cradle look, which is highly convenient for  the GPS mount;
  •  Long-term period of battery service.

Main demerits:

  •  Notwithstanding the fact that the GARMIN nuvi 200 model is a budget one, it is not too cheap;
  •  The set lacks the USB-cable;
  •  GARMIN nuvi 200 version has slow loading when you are changing the route.

GARMIN nuvi 200 presents budget versions of nuvi navigators. Perhaps, the main aim of nuvi 200 series is to replace the StreetPilot c510/550 series of navigators, thanks to more compact outer dimensions.

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

GPS-navigators, produced by Garmin company, - nuvi 200All the advantages, which the other nuvi versions have, are now collected in nuvi 200 series navigators, GPS  StreetPilot c510 series simplicity, something from the zumo versions, though many features of many other Garmin nuvi models have been retained.
The conclusion is that nuvi 200/250/270 models are eminent car GPS-navigators,  which have no additional useless elements!

Nuvi 200 navigator set.

Maybe, someone, want such things to be presented in the models, but the majority does not want to see them in the navigators.

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